St. Joseph Manav Kalayan Sanstha


SJMKS is committed to supporting individuals through our various initiatives. With one of our initiatives being Women Empowerment, we are striving to make a difference. Whether it is in our community, or one much farther away from home, we know that all in need deserve our help and support.

Self defense training was provided to the adolescents and the young women to enhance their self confidence. This is one of the activity of our Women Empowerment project which was supported by B.M.Z and Manisita, Germany in the year 2015-16 for 10 villages of Bahadrabad Block of Haridwar District. At present the girls who were imparted this training nearly 3-4 years ago today they providing the same to other interested girls. And this is the sustainability.

The Women Empowerment project runs in 24 villages, that includes 10 villages of Bhadrabad Block and 14 villages of Bhagwanpur block of Haridwar District, Uttarakhand. These Projects were officially approved by Manos Unidas and B.M.Z Germany for the empowerment of the females of the target area. We’re very much greatful to B.M.Z Germany & Frauen wurde Manisita eV Germany.

Under this program awareness camps where organized in each villages to sensitize the women folk about their health and hygiene, constitutional and fundamental rights and panchayati raj etc. This program includes sessions to motivate the women through various training programs for formation of self health groups (SHGs). With our sustained efforts more than 250 women SHGs and 130 adolescent girls groups are formed in the target area. The group leaders of the group were imparted several training for IGA (income generation activity) and the training for leadership and capacity building was also the part of program. With the result, the women folk who were not able to speak or discuss their personal and community problems in the family or in public, are today taking active part in gram panchayat meetings and discussing the various issues related to women rights etc. They are very much vocal about the social evil and having very good knowledge about the Government program and schemes for their welfare. They have started small saving, they have a bank account and more importantly they are conducting monthly meetings and operating their bank account independently. This is very much encouraging to see many of these women started their own Income Generation Activities and making themselves financially independent.

Apart from this, monthly health checkup camps also conducted, which helped a lot to the target community where in the doctors not only help them medically but also made them aware about the preventive measures for a healthy life.