St. Joseph Manav Kalayan Sanstha


Rural India faces high rate of IMR, MMR and anemic cases. The unfortunate part is that most people give with these conditions without understanding the importance of getting medically acquainted with it.

With this initiative, our goal is to promote health and personal hygiene issues with adolescents and women in friendly, easy to understand awareness sessions. We work with the communities and impart training’s on precautions and preventive measures to stay away from diseases.

Our sessions also cover the precautionary measures that girls should take during menses, importance of hygiene for adolescents, dealing with hormonal changes during adolescence, diet plans for pregnant women, importance of iron and proteins in the food, sources of vitamins and their importance for women and new born babies. Through these interactions, we identify the patients who need medical assistance and organize health camps to guide them about the ways to handle minor and major diseases. Serious cases are referred to government primary health centres or government hospitals. Learn more about our Health Camps initiative by getting in touch with us today.

Health camps under project The Voice supported by BMZ through FRAUEN WURDE MANISITA